24 February 2006

My love, my life

The days in and out of marriage, you can take each other for granted. I know I sometimes am horribly guilty of it.

You go days without a kiss. You get bogged down in the minutia of life and forget about the other person in your life. Or you are ships passing in the night (or days), chasing after kids and work and whatnot.

And then something smacks you upside the head.

This morning, it was a StoryCorps report on NPR for me.

It was a report about Danny and Annie Perasa, a couple from Brooklyn who first recorded the story of their proposal, acceptance and love two years ago in a StoryCorps booth.

Today was an update. He has terminal brain cancer, but he wanted to tell his story, his love for his wife, one last time.

It had me and my eldest in sobbing tears as I was driving her to school.

Love the ones you love, and let them know it, every day, just like Danny Perasa.

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CISSY said...

Too true. Even after the kids are gone, we still manage to stay so busy that we have to remind ourselves that hey, I LOVE this person. Only occasionally. Most of the time, my heart still skips a beat when he smiles as he walks toward me at the end of a work day and we finally get to sit and share some time together. Time to cherish.