22 May 2011

Three years left

That seems melodramatic, and yet it is completely true.

I have three years left with my eldest.

I was sitting at the band concert two weeks ago, suffering through three different bands' worth of music. Then we hit the A1 band, mostly juniors and seniors. They honored the seniors who were receiving scholarships.

One's earned the right to attend the Eastman School of Music. I started to tear up, and I don't even know the young woman.

It got worse. The eldest's band director has a 26-year tradition of playing "Stars and Stripes Forever" as the last song for the seniors. Each one stood up, walked to the front of the stage. They played their best. This included the seniors who didn't ever make A1 band; they came up from seats specially placed nearby.

I was crying. Seriously crying. I barely know most of those kids. The clarinetist I know best, because she eased the way for the eldest as a freshman this year.

My first thought: I have to bring a box of tissues three years from now, because I am not going to make it.

My second thought: Dear God. I only have three more years.

My friends who have been through this already have warned me that the high school years go so fast.

It is easy to forget that, as you struggle to get through each week with band, soccer, Scouts, church, obligations. You miss the forest for the trees.

In my years as her mom, I've fretted about this, and this, and this.

In retrospect, they weren't that big of a deal.

Three years. I'm going to try and make the most of them before she grows up, goes to college, and leaves us to become her own person.


Wanda said...

The time really does fly by. Savor the moments, build memories and know that last year I think it was Anna who essentially said it was God's way of making the split easier.

MOMelody said...

Nice post, Sherrie. Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts! Caleb and Anne just moved to Chicago on Tuesday. We have all been thinking back a lot. The past has become very present lately in our minds for some reason -- remembering how fast it all flew by. Enjoy your time with your three. But, take my word for it, you will still enjoy time with them after they leave for college.

Sherrie said...

Thanks, guys. Mel, I remember every word of advice you and Holly gave go me. I'm trying to treasure every moment (although, I must admit, sometimes that is hard).

I'm going to try and stop in Anne's locations of Andy's in the Chi area when we are there. I want to surprise her AND I want my James Brown Funky Sundae. :-)

I'm guessing that all is well where you are; I'm tracking the Joplin tornado coverage.