18 October 2005

Chronic pain and the Cardinals

My carpal tunnel is acting up again, so I'm taking a break from posting. I'll be back in a few days, I hope. Brace is on, but I need to take a rest from typing.

To see my feelings about the Cards-'Stros series (last night not withstanding), read my friend Christian's blog.

15 October 2005


Drat . . . my post was eaten.

Quick recap:

Toronto: Fun, except for work. Very glad Gina served as tour guide. Food good. Indigo bad for checkbook. Tim Horton's divine.

Little one: terrified of Picture People photographer. Try again next week. Took steps, walked about five feet, then decided crawling faster.

Eldest: face planted in wood chips. Friend landed on her head. Lots of scratches on gums, tried to get to dentist yesterday, no go. Try again on Monday.

Middle child: becoming sane. Slowly. Still a Thomas train addict.

Toys R Us: enabled us to get 1/2 Christmas shopping done today. End is in sight. Off to eBay. :)