03 March 2006


Illness has felled us again. Like many of my blogging compatriots, the evil viruses have us down. I've burned more sick days this year covering ill kids than I want to think about.

Nor do I want to think about the amount of money in copays and medicine we've burned through since Christmas.

My CT is acting up again, so I'm in the brace for another month and the anti-inflammatories for another month. I'm going to be scarce.

To tide you over:

* Why is it that daycares are petri dishes for every bug out there?

* Why is it that my college roommate has to choose between her incredibly awesome job at a major publisher and her newborn? Why can't a valued near-vice president get cut some slack for a couple of years, maybe at 60%? Instead, they are going to train four people to replace her. How insane is that?

* Why is it that I constantly feel behind the eight ball at home and especially at work? I'm always forgetting something. Why?

* Why is it 18-month-olds have to learn how to do a high-pitched shriek just short of the range that only dogs could hear?

* Why is it 18-month-olds must try to kill themselves climbing on furniture/stairs/stacked beanbags/gates/cribs?

* Why is it that the puberty mood swings seem to hit earlier and earlier? My friends with nine-year-olds and I are watching this and wondering what the heck 15 will look like at this rate.

* Why is it my nearly four-year-old shows no interest in writing, but can tell me every minutia of SpongeBob for the last three seasons?

* Why can't I get a good night's sleep lately?

Discuss amongst yourselves. I'll be back when it doesn't hurt like blazes to type. And the kids are healthy.

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CISSY said...

My sympathies. Hope all is better soon. I'm still trying to get over this annoying sinus thing and cough -- hence the late night blogging when I wish so desperately to be asleep.

18 month-olds are fearless. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, soon enough they learn to fear things, but probably not before they give you some near-coronary experiences.

9-year-old angst. You know I've noticed that. My boss has a 10-year-old that I would swear is a teenager. Are we making kids grow up too fast?