16 February 2006

Pets. Not worth it.

Ick. We have a floater out in the pond out back.

Dh and I are trying to ignore it. We put goldfish in the pond last spring to cut down on the skeeter population in the backyard. Care has been, um, not the best since winter hit.

My son was obsessed with the floater this morning: "Mom. Mom. MOM....one of the fish is dead. it's floating. i think a squirrel got it. it's floating not squimmming any more. we need to take it out. mom. mom. MOM!"

Wonder if that bloated little sucker has sunk to the bottom yet, or if I'm going to (ew) have to fish it out and take it to the woods tonight. Ick.ick.ick.

I swear, it's dh's turn. I had to clean up the nasty baby bunny ick in des moines after the cat killed it and left it "eeping" on the unfinished basement steps. I can still here that massacre in my head. *shudder*

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