28 July 2008

"Say, Mom and Dad

Did you notice that it is a lot quieter without C1 around? Without her here telling us everything about everything?"

So sayeth our son this evening. Soda really hurts when you snort it through your nose, btw.

His older sister (C1) is away at camp. C2, our son, is right, it is quieter. Pleasantly so, because he and she fight like cats and dogs over every fact known to mankind.

For the next four days, the boy is top dog (or cat). He's loving every second of it.

I'm enjoying the silence in the car and at the dinner table. It's nice not playing factual or logical fallacy referee.

14 July 2008

Homework panic!

Amazingly, me. Not the kids.

It was midsummer break in my grad program. We had the week of the Fourth off. I looked at my online course assignments, then blissfully went to Hot Springs and crashed at the in-laws' place.

We came back. I dove into work. I finished one project.

The other, I would have sworn, was due on Saturday at midnight. But Friday night, after doing laundry and dinner and chasing kids off to bed, something niggled in my brain. I booted up the computer. Looked at one class. Nope, I was good in that one. Looked at the other class.

Dang. Due at midnight Friday. As in, 2 hours and 40 minutes away.

I somehow managed to pull together a short story in record time, and post it with about 20 minutes to spare.

I hereby promise to cut my kids one night of slack when they forget a homework assignment this fall. Humbled, thy name is Mommy-Tracked.

08 July 2008


Homework has got me down. Thank goodness I'll only have three classes left after this, and none will be online. I'm tired of writing.