30 August 2005


Any time you think life is bad . . . just remember: It's not.

Prayers to anyone affected by Katrina. Especially those in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast. Really wishing I'd forced us to take our vacation there a couple of years ago instead of going elsewhere.

It won't be the same. It will come back, but now the area is haunted by hundreds of new souls.

Read the Times-Picayune. The anguish and pain and devastation are palapable in the blogs.


21 August 2005

We're back

Vacation was good. Won't try it again, anytime soon. Three kids under 10 in a car, or in a teeny hotel room in downtown Chicago = not a good idea.

The kids had a blast at Shedd's. We stopped at the LegoLand store. The new Dementors in the Harry Potter series are way cool.

The Iowa State Fair is a great state fair. My son loved the pigs, the horses, the cows, the sheep, the chickens. My eldest loved the rides. The youngest was just along for the stroller ride.

We saw a few old friends. We went past both of our old houses. The trees are bigger, the places seem smaller. We've really outgrown them, I guess.

The return came too soon, and school started with a bang. Work will be hectic during the next six weeks, so forgive me if I don't post much.

07 August 2005

Packing mania

We're about to head out on vacation.

I feel like a supply-line coordinator for the Army, because "going on vacation" means that I have to pack three kids, all of their gear, and myself.

That means:

One baby suitcase, packed with triple outfits for possible eating destruction.

One preschooler suitcase, packed with double outfits for possible general destruction.

One eight-year-old's suitcase, because I don't trust her to pack herself with appropriate gear.

A bag of toys for each kid.

A bag of food for the baby.

A bag of food for snacks in the car.

Sippy cups, bowls, baby spoons, bibs.


Wet wipes.


Pullups for preschooler to sleep in.

Baby's lovey.

Baby's toys for her bed.

Preschooler's lovey, pillow, blanket, frog and diosaurs to sleep with.

Tell eight-year-old she can only bring one pillow and one stuffed animal.



Travel crib.

Two sleeping bags.

My clothes.

Books to read in the car.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

I need a vacation to rest from prepping for the vacation.