27 October 2006

Go crazy folks!


St. Louis Cardinals, World Series Champions!

My kids are happy, my daughter's thrilled that I'll no longer be stressing out by the TV. My brother is somewhere in downtown St. Louie right now, partying with the masses. Wish I were there with him.

So very, very close

We're so close.

We've been this close before, only to lose. 1985 and 1987 are etched in my memory banks. They aren't good memories. Don Denkinger's name mentioned in my presence is still likely to set me off on a tirade.

It's a very good thing I didn't know my husband in 1987. I probably wouldn't have married him if I had.

Lest you think I'm the only slightly insane, slightly superstitious Cardinals fan out there, I direct you here, to recent IM chats among our friend Christian and his two friends Julia and Jenny.

Scroll down a bit if it doesn't display properly. Then settle in for blow-by-blow hilarity.

20 October 2006


Oh. My. God.

That was the longest game of my life. I was sure we were doomed when Beltran came up in the 9th with the bases loaded.

Adam Wainwright is now my baseball hero. Wow. Three curves, three strikes, got him looking.

Keep it up, guys. Four wins to go. Hopefully not in the snow.

19 October 2006

Go Cards!

Please, please, please.

I'm scaring my kids, because I yell at the TV when you do something dumb, like swing at a breaking ball in the dirt, or line out to the second baseman.

Please, please, please, win or lose, don't do dumb things, 'kay?


Go Cards!

13 October 2006

Stupid Killer B

Carlos Beltran v. Jeff Weaver. Did not end pretty.

Beltran finds a way to mess with our pitchers' heads every October. See Jayson Stark's commentary on that lovely development here.

10 October 2006

Yay Cardinals!

That's what my son and I said all last week.

Here's hoping we can replicate it this week. Unfortunately, most of the games will be on at times he can't see, being as how his bedtime is at 8 p.m.

That frustrates me, because the way you raise baseball fans is to take them to games and let them watch the important ones. The latter is impossible to do if they are all on during prime time.

(oh, sorry twins fans. didn't mean to jinx you last week.)

03 October 2006

We made it, barely

The only time I've ever cheered for the Atlanta Braves: Saturday and Sunday.

We made it to the postseason. We don't deserve it. But let's make the most of the opportunity, guys.

Go Cards.

(oh, and go Twinkies. I have more hope that you'll make it to the second round.)