26 August 2009

Why is it

that laundry seems to multiply in this house faster than I can wash it?

no one can empty/fill the dishwasher but me?

I have a cat who insists on pulling off her collar at every opportunity?

my cats have, in tandem, decided to rip up every rug I own?

south TX can't get a good rainstorm, yet every one of my FB friends bemoans the constaint rain where they live?

the concept of a hamper seems to be beyond my children?

ditto picking up toys?

you always step on the one Lego embedded in the carpet?

I can't decide what to eat for lunch now that I'm working from home, alone, so I just don't eat?

Answers welcome.

09 August 2009


I should be writing content for a couple of websites (including my own).

Instead, I'm on a cooking/cleaning/planting binge.

Yesterday, rather than chain myself to the computer, we knocked out back-to-school haircuts for everyone, a Target trip and groceries to replenish the fridge after my parents and brother left. One week of extra adults in the house does a dent on my food supply. :0

I cooked like crazy -- minestrone, which has been packaged for easy school lunches, is now frozen in my freezer. Nazilla, a recipe a friend gave to me that used the multitude of eggplant and squash from my mom, is now a collection of frozen vegetarian lunches for the eldest and me.

Today, I decided I'd make pesto out of the huge basil bushes I've managed to grow. I'd hoped the tomato plant would take off and I could have bruchetta, but alas, the south Texas drought killed it. The basil loves the dry heat. I have tons.

Later, I'll plant some of the iris that my mom brought. They are bulbs from my grandmother's garden; I need a bit of my ancestral home here, those lovely old plants will do just fine.

Tomorrow, I stop slacking and start writing. Promise.