27 September 2007

Oh, for the love of Riley

Guess what?

Latest Thomas recall . . .

Yup. We have Toad. And I'm pretty sure it was the one they sent to us as a freebie for turning all the other lead-coated stuff earlier this summer.

You have got to be kidding me. This is a farce at this point. We are checking the Consumer Product Safety Commission website almost every other week and then searching through the piles of toys in our house.

I don't care if it would cost more for toys if they were produced in the U.S. Move the manufacturing back here. This is ridiculous.

19 September 2007

In honor of my husband

Because without him, there is no way I could stay even semi-sane after all the stress of the past 18 months:

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17 September 2007

Too many great-grandmothers

We were at a family wedding this weekend. My family.

With 16 cousins on one side and 14 on the other, we go to a LOT of weddings.

At any rate, I'm herding the younger two out to gather more food from the snack line at the reception. I'm leading them out, my grandmother (my kids' great-grandmother) is being wheeled in.

Now, keep in mind, my grandmother has been slipping in and out of reality for months. You never know what you'll get.

She sees my son, calls him over, and asks, "Are you the little boy I used to watch?"

Oh, Lord, thinks I. I have NO clue what she's talking about, or who she thinks my son is. Could be anyone over a 60-year span of time. So I whisper to my five-year-old guy, "Play along."

So he does, he nods, he smiles. Then he says:

"I thought you were dead!"

Oh God. Save me now.

Keep in mind, one of his great-grandmothers did die recently.

"Other great-grandma," I hiss. "Other great-grandma." And I shuttle them away. Thankfully, no one but me heard him.

Kids: You never know what will come out of their mouths. Be warned.

14 September 2007

Nary a bubble skirt to be seen

Thank goodness!

Being sick means I've missed the NY fall fashion shows. But NY magazine has a good wrap up, with photos.

No bubble skirts. Normal, cute slip dresses. Suits I'd wear.

The insanity is over, thank God.

12 September 2007

Cough, hack, wheeze

I have been down and out with one of the worst illnesses I've ever had.

Seven days of hacking, wheezing, fevers that come and go, lack of appetite, and utter exhaustion. I finally dragged myself to the doctor yesterday and now have a lovely stash of antibiotics and other drugs.

I've never taken five sick days in a row. Never. Not even with morning sickness at its worst. But this totally kicked my tuckus.

Let's just hope the kids don't get it. If they do, we're toast.

03 September 2007

Death in our family

My husband's grandmother passed away last week.

We had just visited her during our vacation, as a part of the trip we stopped at a family reunion, planned partly to celebrate the 65 years she and his grandfather had been married.

She was a wonderful woman. She welcomed me to the family with open arms. Literally. She swallowed me in a bear hug after our college commencement ceremonies. This was the first time I had met most of my husband's extended family, a mere two weeks before our wedding. His grandmother made me feel comfortable within their family.

She called herself the weather witch, and she took responsibility for any and all weather. She apologized for the drizzle on our wedding day, and then reminded me that rain on anyone's wedding day is a sign of good luck.

I loved her like my own grandmother. In fact, she felt like my grandmother. When we lived in New York, we'd drive up to their house for holidays and sleep in the cramped back bedroom, and eat from a groaning table filled with food fixed by my husband's grandfather.

My only fault, as far as she was concerned, is that I hated playing cards. Oh, I often did, but I am a miserable card player (I really do hate playing card games). Right now, I'm treasuring those memories of her attempting to teach me how to play hand and foot.

She loved my kids dearly, and always e-mailed to ask for pictures.

I miss her dearly, and she hasn't even been gone a week. It seems slightly unreal, because I was just talking to her three weeks ago.

I'm not sure who would be designated the new family weather witch, but I'd like to apply for the position, in honor of her.