18 January 2008

Oh, happy day

The youngest decided to do No. 2 on the potty last night.

We praised her and gave her tons of Skittles.

If she does it again, we're going to Mr. Bulky for a mass jellybean purchase.

The days of not needing diapers and PullUps are at hand, folks. When that happens, I'm throwing a party.

So. Very. Serious. about the party.


Anonymous said...

Whoppee...Grandma and Grandpa are almost as happy as you are! Give her a Skittle from us!

Anonymous said...

What a big girl! Finally! Though the massive quantities of Jelly beans may cause bigger problems.

Cissy said...

I comprehend. We're going through the same thing with granddaugther No. 3, the parents are counting the days.