29 January 2008

For a minute, I was in Chi

It was an illusion, but a nice one.

A stiff, warm gale was blowing -- the kind that will knock you over when you turn a building's corner -- as I walked along a main thoroughfare downtown. Two city buses rushed by me, and I watched a window washer ply his trade on the second story while he dripped on first-floor retail/restaurant customers passing on the sidewalk below.

Just for a minute, I felt like I was back in Chicago. The wind. The buses. The window washer. The retail/mixed use configuration of the buildings. It all took me right back. I just felt at peace.

I love big cities. I love being anonymous and melting into the crowd on city streets as I walk by first-floor retail and gaze in windows as I rush home.

I had that feeling again . . .and then, when I crossed the street, and the buses were gone and the window washer behind me, it was gone.

I really need to move. This place, as one of my grad school professors aptly put it, is the biggest small town you'll ever live in. I can't go anywhere and not see someone I know. Some people like it, but I find it stifling.

I need more Chi moments around here.


Cissy said...

S -- I understand completely. I love big cities for that very same reason. And, I've heard that said about Springfield. OKC was the same way. I live in the best of both worlds now. Our little community, everybody knows everybody. Then I go to Tampa, or Miami, and get lost in the crowd. Love it.

Gina said...

S., you *know* I get it! :)

I'd be OK for a little while in a smaller place, but I'd get restless before too long. I'm lucky that W. feels the same way.