11 January 2008

Look, redesigned Mommy-Tracked!

I finally took a few hours to update the site. It's a bit more like my real-life personality now.

I've been tired of the green bubbles for a while. I started playing around this summer while I was in grad school, but I never had the time to do what I wanted.

With a little assistance from Mr. Mommy-Tracked in deciphering Blogger's style sheets, I now have it set up the way I want it. Almost. I still can't get the news feed to work.

But I have a few new features besides the new color scheme and layout.

Note on the right that you can now go to my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Connect with me!

I've also officially put on the legalese to copyright my work. Note the button at the bottom from Creative Commons. That's the fine print, folks. You can link to me, but if you want to use my stuff in publishing, you have to credit me when you quote my stuff in fair use, or contact me for details on how to publish my work.

Want to use me in an anthology or journal article? Awesome.

Pay me.

I'm a writer. I live by my words. So sorry, you can read for free, but if you want to publish me in print, you have to talk to Mommy-Tracked. Or Mommy-Tracked's cousin--the lawyer--if I catch you busting my copyright.


Joan said...

I like the new look! I'm a little curious, though, since the focus here seems to be keeping friends & family updated on your life: have you had issues with people copying from your blog entries without crediting you?

Sherrie said...

Joan, nope. But I'm taking no chances, especially since there seems to be a movement among printed places (books/newspapers/magazines) to run blog content to fill editorial pages, anthologies, et al.

I'm moderately searchable, though I keep a low profile. If they are using my words, I want credit.

I saw the Creative Commons link at another site, and decided that it was a good idea. I'm a freelancer, I need to protect my work in all forms.

Abigail said...

I like the new look..

Joan said...

I've tried clicking your Facebook link multiple times, but it always takes me to whatever Facebook page I viewed last. I tried copy-n-pasting the profile ID with the same results. I tried searching for you, but there are at least 4 people with your name (when the search function is working), and 3 of them don't have a picture up so I don't know which is you. :-P I'd love to be Facebook friends with you, though - maybe you could send a friend request to me? ;-)

Sherrie said...


Check your facebook mail.; )

Cissy said...

I like the look. And, great idea about Creative Commons, I'll have to add to mine.