03 November 2007

Note the (small) changes

I still haven't gotten around to doing the template the way I want it, but I did edit the left bar.

Note the new books we at Mommy-Tracked are reading, as well as the link to the Amazon.com gift list. It is under my name, but it reflects the wants of our entire Mommy-Tracked family for the upcoming holidays (and in the case of the eldest, Turkey-day birthdays).

That latter change is for family only. For those in the friend/outside unknown reader loop, you can browse to see what we are up to, but do not buy us anything. : )


Abigail said...

Yea! for wishlists! And love all the Tori Amos and Mad About You selections. Good picks.

Joan said...

That Settlers of Catan game looks wonderfully educational - and fun! Can I come over and play some time? ;-)

Sherrie said...

If we get it from Santa, you are welcome any time. :)

Sherrie said...

FYI: You are welcome any time, game or no.

We'll stuff you silly with a visit to Lambert's, any time you guys want to come down.