30 October 2007

21 Deer

Imagine that old Johnny Carson Carnac sketch:

21 deer, one skunk, one possum.

What are the potential animal ping-pong balls aiming for your new car as you drive up Hwy. 5 in Arkansas at midnight on the way to visit the grandparents for a long weekend?

Yeah, that was fun. I'm never driving that curvy, nasty stretch of road late at night ever again.

On the upside, kids had great time with grandparents, and we didn't actually hit any of the targets. Or have the targets jump into us.


CISSY said...

Hey, ever try making your way near the Lake of the Ozarks at night? Lots of critters, and then there's the drunks heading home after a long day at the lake...

Sherrie said...

Nope, because I know better than to try and drive that fun stretch at night . . . the critters don't scare me much, but the drunks sure do.