06 December 2006

Salt? Sand? What's that?

I really hate this city right now. It's been almost a week after the nasty ice storm hit here, and guess what?

Our neighborhood streets (heck, most neighborhood streets here) are still glass.

The city doesn't plow or sand or salt the neighborhood streets. Heck, by Sunday, some of the main roads were still utter messes, nearly three days after the storm.

I've always lived up north (St. Louis, Columbia, NY, Iowa, Chicago). They know how to plow. They send out multiple plows when the storm starts, not at the end. Some places better than others, but you can believe a week after a storm streets would be 90 percent snow/ice free, especially after multiple days in the low 40s.

They put down salt and sand. Even our neighborhood in Chicago, which didn't get plowed constantly, at least saw salt and sand trucks go through once a day.

No, here, they wait for it to melt.

That could be a while. Our neighborhood is lined in trees. Oh, and it's hilly. Did I mention that?

Grrrrrr. I want to move back north. Now.

1 comment:

Gina said...

Waiting for it to melt...ah, yes. There's nothing like denial. ;)