01 December 2006

Snow Day!!!

I'm as bad as the kids.

Yesterday morning, a particuarly bad ice/sleet/snow mix was headed our way. Every school district but ours closed in anticipation of a mess. Our superintendent was just hired from Colorado. He didn't understand that two inches of ice + snow here = disaster. The plows: Don't plow until the storm is done. Sand and salt? What's that?

I've lived here nearly four years, and they never clean the roads well. After living up north for years, it just boggles the mind.

At any rate, by noon, the roads were glass, and I was picking up the kids. An hour later, we made it home. I drove in sleet so falling so thick that visibility was nil.

Today, my older two are outside, reveling in the first significant snow they've seen since we moved here. First snow day in years. My youngest is two, and she's never seen snow.

She was not impressed. She was fine with sledding, if you carried her to the sled, sat with her on the sled, and then picked her up out of the sled, never once letting her brother's old SpongeBob snowboots touch the snow.

I just went out to let the dog frolick in the snow with the older two, and my kids look like yetis. You can't tell that they have on coats.

Later, we'll have hot chocolate and cookies. We'll clean up the house so we can decorate for Christmas tomorrow. The wood stove will be roaring with a fire.

A good snow day, all around.

Just wish my husband could enjoy it. The media never rests, and he's glued to his desk posting updates. He called at lunch, wistful tones in his voice. I know he'd love to sled. I might have to allow sledding after dark just so Dad can have his turn, too.

Be safe, all on the East. It's headed your way. It's nasty at first; beautiful later.


Gina said...
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Gina said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I still enjoy snow days. Especially when there's enough snow for me to get out the cross-country skis. :)

Off to take a winter coat to the dry cleaner...

Abigail said...

Sounds like a blast! I miss snow, not that we had much in St Louis.