27 December 2006

Stay-at-home mom

The way the holidays landed this year, I decided it made sense to stay home this week. I get paid to stay with my kids and we don't spend on daycare.


So far, so good. This week has gone better than planned. Sure, we've had whining and fights, but not many. They've been playing together fairly well (thank you Santa for Hullaballo and more Thomas bridges).

We even survived a trip to Wal-Mart this morning for groceries, all three in tow, something I rarely attempt because it is a nightmare. Instead, the gentleman behind us in line complimented the kids on how well-behaved they were. Shocked, I am. But happy.

Tomorrow is a playdate with middle child's best friend. I'd like to catch a couple of movies and go ice skating, too, before the week is over.

If we could afford to have me stay at home full time, I think I'd do it. I feel so relaxed and on top of my mommy game right now. I'm getting projects done around the house that have piled up. I have time to play with the kids and enjoy them without being tired. The laundry isn't overwhelming, because I can do two loads a day and keep up.

Work seems more stressful than it is worth. I've been working so long for the paycheck, and not enjoying what I do, that this refresher was sorely needed.

Honestly, I'm dreading going back. It's not fulfilling or fun any longer. Work is a long, hard slog.

The kids are much more fun.


Anonymous said...

Can I stay home, too? Sign me up! (I'm on for ice skating if you are...)

- Hubby

CISSY said...

My children are grown and I want to stay home too. Projects. I'd give Martha Stewart a run for her money.

Abigail said...

Your home-week sounds like it has been so nice... I'd like to join you for ice skating.