26 March 2006

Mental mommy weekend notes

1) Sleeping in past nine a.m. is bliss. Two days in a row is heaven. No idea why they let me do that.

2) Albert Finney played Daddy Warbucks in Annie.> He also played Ed Masry in Erin Brockovich. Knowing one has now totally ruined the other for me. But my eldest loved watching Annie, even though I had to practically twist her arm to watch it.

3) Why is it that no one is selling sundresses this year? I have a wedding to attend in Texas in two weeks. No sundresses anywhere in petite. Not online, not locally, nowhere. Sheesh.

4) Work cranks up again as spring break ends. But I have no interest right now.

5) Kill Bill entertains me wayyyy more than it should. Especially the soliloquies in Vol. 2.


CISSY said...

Summer dresses is all they have in the stores here now. We were shopping for last minute Christmas presents, and had to fight against the swimsuit display store employees were putting up already. That was in December.

Sherrie said...

Obviously, I need to drive to Tulsa to shop.

I think I'm just going to wait until that weekend, then make a run to Foley's. I'll pack something to wear just in case, but honestly, it should not be that hard.

And I actually had a saleswoman in Coldwater Creek try to sell me a red polka dot dress. With sleeves. After I'd told her it was an outdoor wedding in Austin. And she was looking right at my red hair.

Red hair. Red dress. Um. No.

Will not be going to Coldwater Creek again.