12 September 2005


This game has been floating around, but I thought I'd avoid being tagged. I'm a low-profile blogger. Sadly, my friend Gina has now made me IT. So here goes:

10 years ago - 1995. I was starting to figure out that I had by far the most psychotic beat at the newspaper in Westchester/Putnam County, N.Y. I had sources stalking me by phone. Threats. And an unlisted number. I was also feeling my way through the first few months of marriage. You can date as long as you like, being married is much different. Not bad, but there's an adjustment. We hung out in Cooperstown, visited our shrine, drank apple cider. Figured each other out. Sort of.

Our friend Gina moved in with us while she hunted for an apartment, and helped abate some of the worst homesickness I've ever had in my entire life.

5 years ago - 2000. I was doing my darnedest to not get fired from my telecommuting job, while hunting for a way out from a boss who felt the need to wield the hatchet every six months. I'd already watched her drive out two other editors, so I knew my number was up. Thankfully, Sylvia came along with a job that melded my editing with my love of planning and development, and my Chicago years started in full swing. We'd just moved into our new house in Ill., and Cathy had started preschool. Oh, and the years of angst over infertility started, too.

1 year ago - 2004. I was still braindead from giving birth on 9/5. No sleep. Sore nipples. And my mil and mom helping me out. The rest is a blur, sorry. I do remember cuddling my baby a lot, and I think I was actually more coherent this time around, but that's probably a hallucination from the pain medication I was on at the time.

Yesterday - I hurdled a childproof gate to rescue my son, who decided it would be a great idea to leap off of a moving glider on the swing. Before that, I was sitting on my porch, reading "Family History". Great book, btw.

5 snacks I enjoy - Chocolate. Dark chocolate. Doritos. Lay's Salt & Vinegar chips. Carrots/black olives/anything on a relish tray.

5 songs I know all the words to - The Itsy Bitsy Spider. World on Fire, Sarah McLachlan. Green Eyes, Coldplay. Pink Houses, John Cougar Mellencamp. I Hope You Dance, LeeAnn Womack

5 things I would do with $100 million - Donate a chunk to charity. Buy a house that works better for us. Pay off my siblings' loans, and set up trusts for our kids. Start a PAC to lobby for better rights for working (and not working) parents, one that would lobby for tax credits to companies who offer flextime, job shares, onsite daycare, and generous family leave policies.

5 places I would run away to - Grand Cayman, Mackinac Island, Mich., Napa, Calif., Austin, Texas, Chicago.

5 things I would never wear - A muu muu. Big, gigantic prints. Most shades of pink (red hair + pink = hideous). Tube tops. Anything yellow.

5 favorite tv shows - Sports Night. M*A*S*H. Mad About You. The Simpsons. Cheers.

5 biggest joys - The birth of my kids. My husband and our honeymoon. Our trip to Mackinac. Our trip to the Caribbean. Walking my family's farm alone, just to think and sort things out.

5 favorite toys - iTunes. Legos. Thomas Trains. Any trivia game. Frogger.


Gina said...

I swear I'll never tag you, or anyone else, again. That's mainly because I've only been tagged once and expect it not to happen again.

Thanks for being a good sport. See you SOON!

Bored Sister said...

Awesome "tag". I've gotten these over email, but didn't realize that it hit the blogging world yet.

Winter said...

I was bored at work, went through Drury's website and found your blog. I love it! It's honest and interesting. Something work is not. Hope you're doing well. I miss Drury.

CISSY said...

OK OK, I started this thing. I won't tag anyone again, promise. But you don have to admit, it makes you stop to think a little about how your life has changed. And, it makes you contemplate all the good things in your life like friends...and chocolate. -- C