23 January 2005

Two into Three

The year from age two to age three is the year a baby changes into a little person.

At two, they can barely communicate. Grunts, points, and crying; not so many words. They physically look closer to babies than older kids.

As the months pass, and my little boy moves closer to three, the signs of the baby he was are quickly disappearing.

He speaks in full sentences, with adjectives and adverbs. You can understand what he is saying--no baby gibberish for my boy.

He even looks like a preschooler. Those loving baby eyes have transformed into pools of impish devilment, sparkling with life.

Hugs and kisses are fewer and further apart; sometimes those signs of love are sprinkled with the spice of mommy manipulation.

It's a rough year, from two into three. Temper tantrums abound as he learns limits.

It's a bittersweet one for me.

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