17 January 2005

Success at Last!

She took a bottle today.

At four months old, that shouldn't be huge news. But it is. For you see, Mommyhood blinded me to the eternal fact: Not all children are alike.

I blithely planned my return to work when she was two months old: Expensive breast pump-check; La Leche League-approved bottles that worked for her brother-check; test runs with bottles fed by Daddy- not check, but hey, it worked before.

My other children took bottles without any problem. One preferred them.

But as the days at daycare progressed, something was wrong.

She wouldn't take a bottle.

She'd hold out for me, no matter how long it would take.

The daycare workers were worried. I was frantic. I had to leave for 10 days in March; she had to eat. Something had to give.

After multiple bottle hunts, sippy cup attempts, cajoling, force-feeding, she held firm. Mommy or nothing.

On a whim, one caregiver tried the el-cheapo bottles they keep for emergencies.

She took a bottle today.

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