13 January 2005


My husband and I are hopelessly addicted to caffeine.

My preferred mode of consumption is coffee.

The kids need their lovie fixes.

For those not of the parenting ilk, lovies would be those ratty stuffed animals or blankets you see short people lugging around.

My eight-year-old daughter cried the day we told her this summer that her threadbare stuffed rabbit really had to go on the shelf if it was to live another day.

My two-year-old son can't live without his gankie. The world literally ends for him if it is lost. My husband once frantically called me on my cell as I was driving to K.C. because he'd turned the house upside down and couldn't find it.

And the newest addict I discovered today: My four-month-old munchkin has discovered that sleep will not come unless she rubs her tiny face in the soft, satin-lined blanket that Grandma gave her.

A small word to the folks at Carter's: For the love of God, stop changing the blanket styles. Small toddlers (and even smaller kids) don't care about trendy. They want what they want.

This mom is tired of frantically searching shelves looking for a replica of the precious object that you've heartlessly discontinued.

You can't tell a bankie junkie that the fix isn't there anymore.

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