11 June 2015

So, how's it goin'?

This year has been a year of changes.

The eldest went off to college. 

One of the kids switched schools after bullying made his life intolerable.

I switched jobs, to sort of what I considered a post-doc (not really) in web development/SEO.

Here's what I've learned:

Sometimes, things work out, even though there is upheaval involved.

The eldest is happy as a clam in her time at Kansas State. She loves her program. She's debating a minor in city planning, which is ironic, really, since she spent days under my desk when I was a copy editor at the American Planning Association. So, APAers, expect her to take the AICP test circa 2020. #notkidding

The other kid has flourished at his BASIS school. He needed his "nerd school." If you have a profoundly gifted kid who is feeling out of step, I highly endorse BASIS. They embrace these kids. The youngest is switching schools this fall. Her choice.

Sometimes, things work out not so much.

The new job isn't bad. But I'm struggling to make it a good fit. I miss academia on an undergrad level more than I thought I'd realize. I miss collaboration across department lines. I miss the people. I kinda hate SEO. A lot.

Lesson learned.

Change means you pick yourself up and you try to find the pieces that fit. Sometimes they fit well, and it is a smooth transition. Sometimes you need Superglue. Superglue may be in my future.

Sometimes you change again. That remains to be seen.

Change is inevitable. Life moves. The best thing you can teach yourself and your kids is how to keep moving with it, and how to store the Superglue for when you need it.

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