03 February 2015

The Mondayest of Tuesdays

Today was the Mondayests of Tuesdays. 

It was raining. 

We collectively forgot about an orthodontist appointment for our son, which meant my spouse had to race back to the school, get the boy, then race to the orthodontist. In the rain. In morning rush hour. 

My spouse was forced to listen to The Macerana on the office Muzak at the orthodontist's. 

While that was happening, I spilled coffee on my white shell blouse. On a day I had multiple meetings. 

Twenty minutes before I left for meeting one, I realized it was actually on Monday. As in yesterday. 

At that point, I decided it could only go up from there. 

And it did: I wore a sweater that classily disguised the coffee fiasco. 

I managed to make it to the Girl Scout shop in the rain, exchanged badges I did not need for ones I did, and survived the hair-raising drive on 410 in the rain. Twice. 

I met a good friend for lunch and caught up with some much-needed mom and work chat.

We found some decent filming locations for a video at work. 

We made it home early. There is no kid drama. It is leftover night. (Yay, no cooking for me!)

So, Mondayest of Tuesdays: Ha. I win. 

Unless my Girl Scout bank account doesn't balance. Then all bets are off, and I'm finding the red wine. 

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