17 February 2011

They grow too quickly

So, today, I was chatting with a friend whose baby is six months old. She couldn't believe how quickly time passed. I couldn't either. It seemed like just yesterday she went on maternity leave.

It seemed like just yesterday that my baby was scooting across the room, crawling like crazy.

Then I chatted with another friend who bought our son's train table. Her son is much younger, and he and his sister have been playing with it nonstop. It did nothing but gather dust in our house.

I sobbed as I packed it up. I could remember the day we gave it to our son. He was 2. He was so very, very happy. He had the cutest golden curls, which he promptly got caught in the mechanical Thomas the Tank Engine.

Most of my friends have younger children. My oldest is now 14. She was fretting because a boy she likes at high school didn't send her anything for Valentine's Day. Knowing how young, brainy, slightly geeky freshmen boys are, we reminded her that he probably didn't even think of such a thing.

When did that happen? When did my baby start caring about BOYS?

I am so not ready to lose my babies. Can't I just keep them small? Please?


MOMelody said...


Allison said...

There is no way C1 is 14. Not possible.

Allison said...

It's not possible that C1 is 14. No freakin' way. I don't feel that old ...