24 April 2009

Whew. Busy, busy, busy

I'm in the home stretch.

In the past few weeks we:

Sold the house.

Found termites in house. Treated termites (dead, they are).

Flew to SA to look at about 20+ houses.

Made a bid on one house. Was rejected.

Made bid on second house. Yay, got that one.

Worked on grad project.

Started job hunting.

Packing has begun in full force. We are T-29 days from being one happy family in one state again.


Cissy said...

Best of luck. Let us know how the move goes.

Sherrie said...

We're at less than two weeks now. I'm exhausted, but the end is in sight.

Commencement this weekend, then less than a week. By Memorial Day, we'll all be in the same house. A house filled with boxes to be unpacked, but still all together again.