25 March 2009

I'm ready to go.

I'm so ready for it to be June, for us to be moved and back together again.

I'm exhausted. I know I'm on the downhill slide; only a few more months. But the daily grind is getting to me. Every day:

I wake up.
I wake the kids up.
I negotiate the great cereal battle.
I cuddle with the youngest.
I dress the youngest.
I negotiate the next battle.
I try and shower and get ready.
I make three or four beds.
I clean up the bathroom.
I clean up the kitchen.
I negotiate yet another battle.
I spot-check the house for show-readiness, just in case a Realtor comes by.
I grab my cell, just in case a Realtor calls.
I grab my work stuff. Jackets.
Try to make the laundry area neat.
Negotiate the car battle.
Drive to school.
Answer at least four questions from the kids as we drive.
Drop kids at school.
3 out of 5 days, I cave and get coffee on the way in.
Run errands at lunch.
Work more.
Pick up kids.
Negotiate the homework/chore battle.
Make dinner.
Do laundry.
Feed kids.
Negotiate another battle.
Bathe kids.
Clean up from dinner.
Ask eldest to do some sort of housework. Half the time, she remembers.
Take out trash.
Tuck in kids.
Say prayers.
Spray monster spray.
Re-tuck kids.
Take my bath.
Check on son; remind him it is an hour after his bedtime; must put Fudge book down.
Try and do homework, give up, play on Facebook.
Crash in bed.
Try to sleep.
Some nights, fall asleep. Others, toss and turn for hours.
Get up, do it again.

Add in allergies, my class on Tuesdays, and then the constant running on the weekends, plus the pressure to keep the house perfectly clean, and I'm just wiped out. Can someone please buy our house within the next few weeks? That alone would remove a huge burden.

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