04 August 2008

What the hey?

When I was a reporter, we all dreaded heat waves. It was like everyone went insane when the temps topped 95. Woe to the poor schmucks working GA shifts during a heat wave. You might as well live at the cop shop, because the crime rate would spike with freaky stuff.

My cousin who used to be an ER nurse reported the same thing.

It is miserable hot right now where we live. In the past few days, it's been 90+ with humidity to steam you as you walk outside.

As a result, it seems like there's more crime stories than normal; all seem odd:

  • Tied-up victim

  • Tiger attack

  • Shooting

  • And then, to prove that even politics goes nuts:

  • Blunt and ice cream
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    Cissy said...

    My guess is the tiger was hot! My worst fear in OK was tornadoes. The news world goes crazy when there's a tornado.

    Try to stay cool - :) and enjoy the official state dessert