20 June 2007

Back to School

Not the kids.


As part of my benefits package, I get free tuition. I've never seen how I would have the time, but two summer classes pricked my interest.

If I do two classes, I might as well do the other 10.

So if I blog less, now you know why.

Blame the homework.


Abigail said...

Cool! What are you planning to take?

Sherrie said...

The master's will be in communication, with an emphasis on integrated media, which is a fancy phrase for figuring out how to use all the technology that has sprung up since I earned my bachelor's.

I start in July with a class on writing for the web and a brutal three-weekend (Friday night, all day Saturday) class on Marketing for Non-Profits. You may have to IM me during that one just to keep me awake. Marketing is not my favorite subject.

Then I start in on the theory classes in the fall. I'm going to chat with my advisor when she gets back to campus and see if I can use some of the work projects for credit, and knock out three elective hours that way.