17 September 2006


I thought things would slow down a bit after Labor Day. It was not to be.

Just in the past few days since our last holiday:

* Youngest came down with hand-foot-mouth virus, and was out of daycare for four days this week.

* My boss announced he's leaving at the end of the year. Suddenly, work is even more hectic as he's got a short-timer mode about him, and the power vacuum is being filled by someone else. This is not necessarily a good thing.

* Hubby and I signed up for a couple's retreat months ago. Then I forgot about it, completely. It's next weekend, and somehow, we have to be in St. Louis by an incredibly early hour on Friday evening and have dropped the kids and the dog at my parents' long before then. Somehow, this seemed like a better idea last February when I signed us up.

* We did a family portrait over the weekend. We won't be buying any. It was that bad, as middle child made goofy faces in every shot, youngest child had finger in mouth the entire time or was ready to blow at any moment. Maybe we'll try again at my cousin's wedding in three weeks. Surely we can get one good picture that day, right?


Joan said...

Would the couples retreat happen to be the Toward a Growing Marriage Conference? c2 and I will be attending that this Saturday...

Sherrie said...

Nope, it's a Marriage Encounter.

We've been meaning to do one for years, and this time the dates lined up with the ones we and our babysitters had free. : )

Bummer, though, that we won't be at the same place. The one thing I dread about these things is being in a group of strangers.