20 June 2006

Summer slam

Somehow, every day, I have good intentions of posting.

And somehow, every day, real life intervenes with cyberlife.

So, forgive me, but posts will be few and far between. In light of recent deaths this year (look, I can be taught, Maurie and Rob), I'm taking time in the real world to enjoy my kids, and my life.

I won't abandon y'all, but after losing a surrogate mom to cancer and one of the best mentors/Iowa columnists ever to ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) in the first six months of 2006, I've decided some things in life are more important.

Life is busy. But in a good way. My son started swim lessons last night, and is having a blast. My eldest is in her second week of day camp, and having a blast. She learned how to sew with her grandmother at the start of the month, and made a gorgeous quilt. Now maybe that sewing machine will get some use.

The little one, while still small in stature, is large in life. Her favorite word is NO. She doesn't want to be carried any longer (sniff), but will squirm out of my arms and run to follow her siblings to do what they are doing.

I'm going to enjoy the summer with my kids. Maybe later this week I'll post about lightning bugs, as we plan to catch some this weekend at my parents' farm.

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