25 May 2006

Blog shout out

Okay, so we're headed to family for the weekend, which means my chances of posting for the next week are nil.

I'll leave you with some baseball blog gems that we've found for our teams. If you have a funnier Cardinals blog, let me know, because BatGirl is hard to compete with.

The Twins best (and funniest) blogger, with a hilarious recent entry:
  • BatGirl

  • A Cards blog that is mildy entertaining:
  • Cardinals Diaspora

    Greg said...

    This is about as close as I've ever seen Sherrie get to saying that the Twins do something better than her beloved Cardinals... :-)

    savannahb said...

    Boy - I sure needed a laugh - thanks. Batgirl is so funny! I'll go back. I am a friend of Brad and Abi's from St. Louis. I read your blog from time to time and find it encouraging and thoughtful.

    Sherrie said...

    Savannah, welcome!

    As much as the Twinkies annoy me, I love BatGirl. I wish I'd thought of LegoVision first.

    ryan vb said...

    thanks for the shoutout - from the Diaspora. the Cards are the only team that matters, though Batgirl is quite entertaining. People watch the AL?

    Sherrie said...

    My husband watches the AL. His love for the Twinkies is a rare failing.

    Any chance you guys over at Diaspora could do LegoVision? : )

    Greg said...

    Two world titles since your last one, sweetheart! If lovin' the Twins is wrong, I don't want to be right. :-)

    (Don't get the wrong idea, folks. I go to Cards games with my wife and have a good time. But I grew up with the Twins. A conversion to another team just is not happening. Thank God for the new stadium on the way!)

    ryan vb said...

    we can't do the lego vision at the Diaspora(I don't have any legos anymore, gave them up when I turned 25), but we're working on a suitable replacement - stay tuned!

    as a Springfield native myself, it's good to see a few folks from back home tuning in.
    GO CARDS!!!