17 April 2006


I love Easter.

I love dark chocolate.

'nough said. :)

Some funny moments:

Twice this weekend our son was up before the crack of dawn. Both times I caught him with chipmunk cheeks o'chocolate. (once from his daycare party stash, once from the Bunny basket stash).

Our youngest looked cute as a button in her frilly pink dress. (yes, I have caved with the second girl. I dress her girly. Deal.) But ten seconds after pulling it over her head, she was saying "NO. NO. NO."

Later that day, she ripped off the skorts Dad changed her into. Apparently she is rejecting the girly clothes at 19 months.

Once again, the only photos we have of our eldest during the Great Egg Hunt are of her back, in blur, because she's running around like a psycho child to snag more eggs than anyone else. This despite the fact that she's pretty sure the Bunny involves trickery with Mom and Dad and other accomplices.

1 comment:

CISSY said...

Yep. The chocolate bunnies are the best. Hubby and I went out and bought bunnies for ourselves this year (Easter alone, just the two of us.) hee hee.

Don't worry, my youngest child rejected all the girly stuff and now she's the girliest girl I know. She refused to wear pink. Now it's her favorite color. Go figure.