13 January 2006

The other side

While at the wake for my friend's mom, I connected with a few folks from college who I hadn't seen in four or five years.

It was great to see them again, if the venue left something to be desired.

Talking, catching up, it dawned on me how the grass really is always greener.

One of my college friends has been trying to have children for years. She and her husband are getting ready to adopt. I know the pain of infertility; we fought it for almost three years. It can be heartwrenching, seeing your friends with babies and you can't have them yourself.

She wanted to hear about my kids; I wanted to hear about what she and her hubby were able to do without them. She's earned two master's degrees; I'd love to have the money and time to do that.

She'd love to have three kids, even though they might drive her insane.

The entire experience made me realize I should appreciate my kids more.

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