06 December 2005

Some things always make me cry

I'm not usually the teary type. But there are some things that always make me cry, no matter what:

When Charlotte dies after deeming Wilbur "Some Pig!"

When Scout is told to stand as the balcony watchers rise for Atticus Finch after the trial in To Kill a Mockingbird. "Miss Jean Louise, stand up, your daddy's passin'" gets me every time.

When one of my kids shows how caring they are in an extraordinary way.

The final lyric of "For Good" in Wicked. Would that we all changed each other for good.

When Anne's archenemy dies of consumption in the Green Gables series, and again when her sensitive son, Walter, is killed in France during World War II in Rilla of Ingleside.

When one of my kids hits a major life milestone, and I realize, really realize, that I only have them for a short time.

I sobbed silently when my eldest made her First Communion two years ago. I sobbed loudly when I packed my son's baby clothes away. And as I watch my youngest hit milestones, I'm happy for her, but there are moments when it just breaks my heart.

I'm not the weepy type, honest.

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Ray and Carmel said...

Hey, sometimes those dang Hallmark commercials make me cry. Really. Have you seen Elizabethtown yet? I cried and laughed through that whole movie. And, I cry whenever I look at photos that don't seem so long ago, yet they've captured our children when they were - children. I cry when Ray and I dust off the old vinyl (albums -- as we used to call them) and hear the scratchy rendition of Eagles "Hotel California." I don't consider myself the weepy type either.