03 June 2005

The Month That Never Ended

I've been busy. Can't you tell?

Work was nonstop in May. I think I had a total of four days off, which would explain why this is the first post in 30 days.

Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maximus culpa.

In the last month, I've survived the publication of my first magazine at the new job, a media fiasco, a trip to Kansas City where I found out how awful the Internet connections are at Bartle Hall. Hey, KC, wanna know why you are losing convention business? It's because all you have is pathetic dial-up. Put in wireless. Soon.

In the last month, my son really came into his own. He's 3 now. He's full of questions. Driving home is like driving with Socrates in the back seat.

In the last month, my youngest has gotten very fast at crawling. She's learned how to pull up to her knees, and is really frustrated with herself about not being able to pull up to her two little feet. She's so petite (yup, all my genes), she's like a tiny doll (yes, smaller than her Cabbage Patch still) trying to walk.

In the last month, my eldest became a fourth grader. Yes, now all of you who read this and remember cuddling her as an infant in N.Y. can feel old with me. She's also stayed away from home for a full week and counting. She's living the good life with Grandma and Grandpa at their house on the lake. I have promises from Grandma that they will return her. They just don't say when. : )

In the last month, my husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. That's going to lead into another entry soon. I promise.

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