28 April 2005

C'mon, do the locomotion

My baby, she's a movin'.

It actually started two weeks ago. My husband had to leave town for a business trip in Virginia, so of course, that's when our seven-month-old daughter thought it would be great to crawl.

She started at daycare at noon. By evening when I picked her up, she was mobile. Not fast, but mobile.

Tonight, we learned she's mobile and fast.

She was across our living room (no small room) in under two minutes.

Time for the gates to go back up. Or as I call them, the Mommy torture hurdles. My knees are shot from running distance in high school and college. I'm paying for it now, each time I climb steps, or worse, hurdle a gate with a kid in arms.

Not to mention time to worry about Lincoln Logs, Matchbox cars, and Thomas trains. Oh, and Polly Pocket accessories, Barbie crud, and the various junk rings and necklaces my eldest treasures from birthday parties and Incredible Pizza (think Chuck E Cheese, with a 1950s theme). All choking hazards. All items we have in abundance.

A cautionary tale to all of you sans kids: When you get them, treasure every moment. They grow much too fast on you.

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