16 October 2016

Go Band!

It's marching band season at our house again. This time, we have a baritone. That means early and late practices, pep rallies and football games, and marching band competition.

In Texas, your chance at State only happens every other year, because there are so many schools, it is impossible to have them all compete in one year.

This year happens to be the boy's first year in band. First year going to State (maybe). And they put him up front.

He's also following his sister, who is well-known among the band -- some of the seniors were freshmen when she was a senior.

No pressure. Not one bit.

He's risen to the occasion far better than we ever expected. He found his people. He embraced the hard work required. We couldn't be prouder.

The road to State started yesterday, and they put on a good show.  (He's at the 40 in the first movement, when they bend down to point at the bassoon soloist.) Enjoy:

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