08 April 2011

The value of video games

I know, I know. They are evil.

But really, they aren't.

I bought Batman Lego for the kids last week. They've been learning the game. I won't lie, we've had meltdowns when the little one doesn't figure out the moves as fast as the others. (Mostly from the middle one, who has little patience for those who don't catch on to details immediately. He gets it from me. It's a tough impulse to squelch. We're working on it.)

They are learning logic, because Lego does a great job of setting up logic games in the bigger realm of the game.

They are learning to cooperate. The game goes faster if you work together.

They are learning patience. Slowly.

But most of all, they are learning to be siblings and deal with others who do not necessarily follow their worldview. After years of university work, this is an important skill, and one that many do not have.

That said, that doesn't mean they don't act like Bart and Lisa Simpson in mid-sibling rivalry throttle occasionally. But we're getting better. Really.

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