09 October 2009

So tired . . . but grateful

I landed a job! Yay me! I'm back in the editing game, and I'm starting to hit my stride again.

However, I'm wiped. After nearly four months of setting my own schedule, I was used to my second-shift sleeping. I now have to be out the door at 6;45 a.m.; it's not a pretty sight.

The kids, to their credit, are stepping up and getting ready by themselves. Hubby has an awful month of travel, but he's trying to help. His parents will be here soon, so that will help.

Alas, I'm really wishing I had Monday off. I don't. Bummer.

At least I have one week off in November and two weeks in December off that I can enjoy. Until then, I need to find a way to get back on schedule. Yeesh.

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