01 July 2009

Off to get a library card

This might not seem like a monumental thing, but it is Mommy-Tracked's sanity. Books. DVDs. Storytime. A place to take the kids where they won't whine.

I've moved multiple times in my life. I'm about to get my 10th. Every time I move, I keep the library card. It's my record of the places that kept me sane. Sorry, Plainfield. I'm not giving it back.

A shout out to all the libraries who have given me books, music and videos that have transported me out of the humdrum and into other worlds:

  • Scenic Regional Library
  • Daniel Boone Regional Library
  • River Bluffs Regional Library
  • North Castle Public Library
  • Pleasant Hill Public Library
  • Altoona Public Library
  • West Des Moines Public Library
  • Plainfield Public Library District
  • Springfield-Greene County Regional Library
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    MOMelody said...

    I loved this post! Very poignant and about something that keeps me sane also.

    Good job for being so flexible and resilient yet knowing when to rely on the familiar.