14 July 2008

Homework panic!

Amazingly, me. Not the kids.

It was midsummer break in my grad program. We had the week of the Fourth off. I looked at my online course assignments, then blissfully went to Hot Springs and crashed at the in-laws' place.

We came back. I dove into work. I finished one project.

The other, I would have sworn, was due on Saturday at midnight. But Friday night, after doing laundry and dinner and chasing kids off to bed, something niggled in my brain. I booted up the computer. Looked at one class. Nope, I was good in that one. Looked at the other class.

Dang. Due at midnight Friday. As in, 2 hours and 40 minutes away.

I somehow managed to pull together a short story in record time, and post it with about 20 minutes to spare.

I hereby promise to cut my kids one night of slack when they forget a homework assignment this fall. Humbled, thy name is Mommy-Tracked.

1 comment:

Cissy said...

Ah. Lovely homework. Glad to hear you got it done. How's everything else?