21 April 2008

Attack of the new screen door

It was a blissfully beautiful Saturday morning. I was making great progress getting ready for the son's birthday party with eight of his friends, ages 5-7. Dinosaur cake was good to go. Ice cream purchased.

I stepped out onto the porch to tell the eldest something. She was cleaning up the yard in preparation for the burial of plastic dinos in our sandbox. I turned back inside.

And learned that the newly installed screen door moves a lot faster than the old screen door.

Four hours at urgent care, 12 stitches, and much gratitude to my husband, my daughter and her friend, who herded the little boys for the first hour of the party, I managed to limp back and enjoy the rest of the day.

The party was a success. Our son proclaimed it "The best birthday ever!!!"

I'm still limping. And I'm hoping that door doesn't go all Stephen King-Christine on us. Let's just say I'm a lot more cautious around it now than I was Saturday at 10 a.m.


Joan said...

Goodness gracious! What an experience. Here's hoping you'll heal quickly & completely!

Cissy said...

Ouch! Hope you heal fast! There's a screw or spring you can loosen a bit on the door to make it less of a foot-heel-arm-kid eating machine.

Sherrie said...

Thanks, C. My friend Day reminded me of that screw yesterday, and it is now fixed so that the tension isn't quite as tight.

I'm healing just fine, although I'm going to avoid the dog for a while, because he loves to tromp on my feet.

Gina said...

Yow! Stitches are no fun. I still wince inwardly when I see the scar on my left thumb from stitches I got when I was 10. Here's to a quick healing period.