19 February 2008

Into the ether

that seems to be where some of my posts went. I can see them, but you guys can't.

Let me know if you can read anything after Eulogy, 'kay?


Gina said...

I can see 'em!!

Abigail said...

Me too! Glad you're back writing, I've been thinking about you.

Sherrie said...

Right after my grandmother died, our server did something funky. The e-mail glitch I noticed right away, but it took me a bit longer to figure out that the path to blogger was moved. Then the ice storm hit, and I forgot to get it fixed.

It's all good now.

Sadly, another ice storm is expected tonight. Can it be spring soon?

Joan said...

Whoa! I thought you'd stopped blogging for a while, but I can see the additional posts now. :)