28 December 2007

Head . . . throbbing

No, not from the kids playing the Wii that Santa brought.

No, not from incessant Christmas music.

No, not from the huge 40-minute line I stood in yesterday to buy cheap Bath & Body Works stuff.

I have yet another *)(&^*&^ sinus infection.

These things hit me like a freight train. I got one at Thanksgiving, and now another one is in full swing. I'm off to go take a nap with my Vaporizer running full tilt and load up on Sudafed. Even my teeth hurt.

This is one Christmas gift I could have done without.

Hopefully I'll rise from the throbbing in time to raise a glass of bubbly on New Year's Eve.


stefiev said...

I'm right there wif you! Mom and I both had headaches over Christmas and now my head is so stuffed, it's terrible. I don't think I have an infection, but I sure don't feel like doing much of anything on my break. Matt also has a sore throat, just in time for his interview. What a lovely gift indeed.

Joan said...

Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so ill. I hope by now you're feeling much better, though, and will be able to enjoy tonight's festivities. Once you're back to yourself, we'll have to swap console ID's so we can Wii against each other from our respective locations. Should be fun! :)