16 July 2007

Gah. Too much (home) work

Okay. My name is Mommy-tracked, and I admit it: Taking six hours of grad school classes within a month's time was not smart.

I'm drowning here. Okay, I wouldn't be drowning if the Harry Potter book wasn't due to land on my doorstep in a few days, tempting me to read the book rather than write the two five- to six-page papers I have due before August starts.

Um, yeah. I can do it. Really, I can. I just have to avoid HP temptation and not blog much.

Sorry guys.

On the upside:

Second child has learned how to read a bit. He's very excited.

Youngest child has figured out how to use the potty doing No. 1. Anyone who has tips on getting her to do No. 2 is welcome to offer them below. Blackmail of more jellybeans is not working.

Eldest is awesome child who is helping me get through this with some semblance of sanity intact. I owe her. What to get child to show her how much I appreciate her help? Ideas helpful.


Abigail said...

I'm looking forward to properly catching up come August! Did you get my candle order??

Gina said...

Re the last item:

At that age, I treasured any time alone with Mom that didn't involve schoolwork or housework or babysitting. Now and then, we'd go out to dinner and a movie, just the two of us. Or we'd get a little dressed up and go to lunch and an afternoon play. Or Mom would send Dad and John off somewhere for the evening, and we'd hang out at home, eating our favorite foods and watching a favorite movie (on our giant VCR, of course). Or we'd go for a pretty drive, just the two of us. Good times!

Maybe you and she could do something like that. And along the way, you could simply tell her that you really appreciate who she is and what she does, and thank her for being her. To a girl her age, it'll mean more than any material gift.

Sherrie said...

Abi: Nope, I didn't get it. Could you resend it? I'll touch base with my friend and make sure she has them in stock.