30 May 2007

Parenting one is so much easier

This week, the older two are hanging with their grandparents. While they fish, sail, and in general have fun, we only have the youngest.

Ways this has made life easier:

1) The ride back from grandparents' house was silent, as youngest napped most of the way. No squabbling.

2) Youngest knows how to occupy herself, unlike middle child, who treats alone time like solitary confinement.

3) Youngest does not whine incessantly. Yet.

4) No one to pick on. No one to fight with over the couch. No one to fight with toys. Youngest has taken to a "mine, all mine!" attitude with toys. And there is no one around to gainsay her. She's in heaven.

5) Youngest goes to bed at 8 sharp. I have hours of time to do housework, errands, whatever before I collapse.

6) Only one kid means we don't have to wake up as early to start the morning shuffle.

7) Only one place to stop after work for daycare pickup.

8) Possibility that I'll get called out of work due to sick child is now much less.

That's not to say I don't miss the older two. But silence in our house right now is golden.

Plus, it gives me a good chance to fix the popped nails/broken plaster in my son's room without a curious five-year-old around to "help."


Abigail said...

Sounds like it has been a good week. I'm glad. Looking forward to seeing you all in August!

Gina said...

Enjoy the silence! :)