21 November 2005

Gah! Bad scale! Bad, bad, BAD scale!

Oy. That was a bad idea.

I've been complaining that nothing fits for a few weeks. Usually in the morning, as I'm rushing to get ready.

I've been avoiding the scale, too.

That ends as of tonight. So does my soda habit, my fast-food habit, and my sitting on my tail all day at work habit.

I was 117 before my last pregnancy. I won't admit where I topped out at, but as recently as July I was at 120. And happy. Outfits fit.

Not anymore. I'm at 136, which I know to many of you sounds like heaven, but is about 20 pounds over where my ob and I agreed I should end up.

Eeep. Happy Thanksgiving. Pass the veggies. Hold the mashed potatoes and stuffing. Hello Weight Watchers.


Gina said...

Skipping soda and fast food goes a long, long way. I basically quit both in 2000, and I've never looked back.

Sherrie said...

I have good intentions of quitting soda, and did after the cruise earlier this year.

But I get tired. Greg has it in the house. And boom, I'm back on the soda train.

Trying again, though. I barely had one can of Dr Pepper the entire time I was at the in laws'.