08 July 2005

Worldwide Mommy

I hear about the London attacks on NPR as I was driving to work Thursday morning. In order, here are my thoughts:

1) Dear Lord.

2) What sort of world have I brought children into?

3) Oh, please, please, please let my bil/sil not have taken a jaunt down to London without telling us.

4) Oh cr@p, do we have students in London this semester? Where the hell is that uni that they study at in relationship to this mess?

Much, much later, once I've confirmed that we don't have any students in London this semester, I find out that a good friend's brother was in London that day, headed to a professional conference. I don't find out until Friday that he's okay, albeit in the general area at the time of the attacks.

Mommies worry. It's what we do best. Thursday, I spent a good portion of my day worrying about people I'm not even a mommy to.

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